how to convert WiFi password to QR code and how to use it

By scanning a QR code, you can get specific information about a product, a specific location, or access to a website. In this tutorial, we will try to teach you how to use this code to share WiFi.
It must have occurred to you that your friends would ask you for a password to connect to your home or office. There are times when you may not be able to give a WiFi password, as you may have forgotten it or may be afraid that your password will be spread and your Wi-Fi network may be compromised. Here are two ways to create a QR code and how to use it.
The first method
1. In this method, you need some of your WiFi information, such as the SSID network name, encryption type, and network password. If you have configured the modem yourself, you will definitely have a network name and password. If someone else has done this for you, they must have given you the name of the network password. Note that you also need the encryption type, whether it’s WPA, WPA2 or WEP. If you do not have this information, you can contact your internet service provider or the person who made the modem settings for you and get this information.
2- Go to the site. This website can create the desired QR code specifically for your WiFi password. Note that it is better to use VPN to use the services of this site.

3. Select the encryption type using the drop-down menu, which can be one of WEP, WPA / WPA2, or None.

4. In the top bar, labeled SSID‌, enter your network name. In the second bar shown with Key‌, enter your WiFi password.

5. Click the blue Generate button below the Key bar to display a QR code at the bottom of the screen.

6- Click on Print to print this QR code on a piece of paper, or if you do not have a printer, you can save the desired QR code in PNG format by clicking on Export‌ to print it later.

7. After printing the desired QR code, you can place it at home or at work where people to connect to your Wi-Fi network by scanning it.


On the iPhone, you can open your camera and place it in front of the QR code. A notification appears as Wifi QR Code. If you click on it, the option to join that Wi-Fi network will be displayed. All you have to do is click on Join‌ or Connect.

In Android phones, if your Android version is old, you can use QR code scanning apps. You can download and install these apps from GooglePlay. If you are using a phone with high Android, you can use the following method.

Note that the following steps may be different on different phones, but there is definitely a QR or QR Code sharing option, unless you are using an older Android phone.
1. To do this, your Android phone must first be connected to the wifi network. Go to the settings menu, then click Network & Internet or Wifi & Internet.

2. Click on the Wifi option to display the Wi-Fi network name to which you are currently connected.

3. There is a setting icon in front of the WiFi network name. Click on it to go to the settings page.

4. Click the blue share button. In the new window that appears, enter your password to determine if you are the owner of your mobile phone.

5. A QR code will appear on the phone screen. Now go to Settings on your friend’s mobile phone and then Network & Internet and open the list of Wi-Fi networks and then go to the bottom of the screen to see the Add Network option. And click on the blue icon of the QR code next to it.

Then scan the QR code that appeared on your phone screen with your friend’s phone so that your friend can also connect to your home or work Wi-Fi network.

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