Distribution of Amazon packages in India with 10,000 electric rickshaws

Amazon announced the deployment of 10,000 electric rickshaws in India by 2025 to further penetrate India.
The rickshaws are Indian made and will be used in more than 20 Indian cities by the end of 2025. Amazon had earlier ordered Rivian to buy 100,000 electric vans. The van and electric rickshaw will be added to the Amazon fleet for another five years.
The company intends to create a million jobs in the field of technology, infrastructure, and logistical projects, with the investment of a billion dollars in India up to 2025.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos visited India last week to announce the export of Indian products worth $ 20 billion by 2050. He also unveiled a $ 1 milliard investment in Indian businesses to make them online. Bezos said in his speech that the 21st century is the Indian century.

Of course, his visit to the country was not without margins, and thousands of small retailers from 300 Indian cities marched to protest the company’s negative impact on Indian retail.

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