Google Chrome 81 was released with Web NFC and more features

Google announced hours before the release of version 81 of the Chrome browser. This version adds some new features to Google’s popular web browser and fixing some of the previous issues.

The stable version of Google Chrome 81 has been officially released for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The release of this version was planned for weeks before, but the outbreak of the Coronavirus disrupted Google’s plans to delay the release of Chrome 81 for a few weeks. According to a new ZDNet media report, Google has been forced to transfer some of the features to later versions, that it intended to bring to Google Chrome 81. However, Chrome 81 still has some important new features.

The new version of Google Chrome will enable a new feature called App Icon Badging in this browser. Thanks to this feature, applications and websites will be able to notify the user of new changes without disturbing the user and disrupting his work. This feature is much less annoying than direct and immediate notifications. This feature is especially useful for chat-centric and email-centric websites to display the number of unread messages received. Even social networking sites can take advantage of this feature to show the number of times a user has been tagged in different posts without disturbing them.
In a new announcement, Google also announced the launch of the Web NFC feature in the Origin Trial section. The features in Origin Trial are being tested and are not widely available to everyone. Google’s goal is to get the feedback it needs from users so that when a particular feature is released, all its problems are resolved as much as possible. According to Google, the Web NFC feature allows the Chrome browser to read NFC tags. When web-based NFC capability is widely available, users can easily check NFC tags in various locations and extract their information through their browser. For example, the user can get more information about the devices through their browser when visiting museums and exhibitions with NFC tags. Therefore, you will no longer need special applications to take advantage of NFC.

The new Google Chrome has also seen improvements in augmented reality technology. Google announces the launch of a special API called Web XR Hit Test. This API allows you to place virtual objects in the camera environment with the background of the scene you are viewing. In fact, thanks to the new delivery, it is possible to use augmented reality technology in the web world with Chrome.

In March, Google said it was forced to suspend the release of regular Chrome browser updates due to major changes to its work plans. The company has previously said it will never release version 82, so it will upgrade to Chrome version 83 the next time. The 83rd version of Google Chrome will be available about three weeks earlier than previously planned, on an unspecified date in May.

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