Ice hotels: 9 The icy and the most white places in the world to stay(part 2)

6-Ice Hotel in Romania
The Ice Hotel (Hotel of Ice) is the first Eastern European hotel in this type. The hotel is surprisingly built along the lake and the Carpathian Mountain and the skiers of different countries must take their own to this location. But they should not forget here is the land of Dracula, so in their own outings, especially the evenings should be careful!

7-Kemi Snow Castle in Finland
Kemi Snow Castle is a real masterpiece in the architecture industry of the snowy structures of native builders. As you can guess, the kids enjoy an account of the inner play space of this snowy castle that consists of ice and snow. The most romantic option in this snow castle is “Olukulo”, a romantic nest built in the snowy castle and equipped with warm sleeping bags and watching the aurora from a flat and transparent roof.

8-Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway
The walls of this hotel have a thickness of 1.5 meters and its temperature is steady at 5-degree. Polar sleeping bags can also protect you from the cold up to a temperature of 35 degrees below zero and keep you warm and comfortable.

9-Eskimo village in Slovenia
The Hotel Igloo in Slovenia is part of the entire Eskimo Village, where the Eskimo houses are connected by a tunnel system. It is not a luxury hotel and there is no hot shower as posted on the hotel website. However, you can use snow for your own washing. But it should be noted that the cold is just outside and you can warm yourself up with drinks indoors.

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