Ice hotels: 9 The icy and the most white places in the world to stay(part 1)

Here’s the ice, there’s ice, everywhere ice! Meet 12 of the most exciting ice hotels in the world, all of which are made of snow and ice, see amazing visuals of hotels that shiver come to you even by seeing them, whether you want to be a romantic night there.
Of course, you may not be a fugitive, and you love winter, snow and ice. If it is, be sure to see these icy hotels, from Sweden to Slovenia and from Alaska to Andorra, it will wave the joy in your eyes.

Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel

1- Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel

Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel is the first Ice hotel in the world, is also the largest ice hotel in the world. The Ice Hotel is located in a small town at a distance of 200 kilometres from the Arctic orbit, which is about 1100 human population and a thousand dogs live in the small city, but every year it gets more than 5,000 in winter hoping to see the North Aurora. They are travelling to this white city.

The Swedish Ice Hotel is 5500 square meters and is made of thousand ice block and 30 thousand tons of snow and ice combined for a strong and more robust hotel building. Everything in this ice hotel is of snow and ice: Ice block beds, ice sofas, icy restaurants and much more. But, fortunately, the bedroom has a heating system. The hotel is open from December to mid-April, which means exactly as long as the ice starts to melt.

Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada
2-Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada

The Hotel de Glace is built near Quebec Canada and does not offer more than a few weeks of guests and tourists every year. The hotel’s facilities include the great ice skating rink and the wedding church, of course, which is also made of ice and snow.

Polar Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland
3-Polar Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

At the Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen in Finland, you can stay in polar-like Eskimo houses with a warm glass ceiling and watch Aurora lying on your cozy bed at night. The Kakslauttanen Hotel is Located 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway
4-Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway

Blankets from the bark of the reindeer, warm and soft sleeping bags and saunas keep you warm in the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, which looks like an Eskimo house. The hotel has entertainment, such as Safari, snowmobile, skiing with dog-skis, and walking when Aurora is glittering.

Snowy village in Finland
5-Snowy village in Finland

Snow Village covers an area of 20,000 square meters and changes in size every winter, but always features ice sculptures, icy restaurants, an ice church, and a ship-like 30-room ice hotel. If you do not want to sleep at night in a mountain of ice and snow, there are also more casual and warm rooms available.

North Aurora Ice Museum in Alaska, USA
6-North Aurora Ice Museum in Alaska, USA

The Aurora Ice Hotel was built in 2003 at the Chena Hot Springs Residence in Fairbanks, Alaska. Unfortunately, this hotel will be melted next summer. There is the Aurora Ice Museum, which operates all year round by the cooling technology. Although you can’t stay the night at the museum, you can admire the beautiful icy Candles. At the museum, giant statues of chess pieces and champion knights are on display in their live dimensions.

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