YouTube goes to war with Tik Tok with Shorts app

“Tik Tok” is very popular worldwide and this has caused the number of users of some services to decrease. YouTube is one of those services that intends to compete with Tik Tok by developing the “Shorts” application.

The popularity of Tik Tok has put YouTube at risk. A new report suggests that the YouTube platform is looking to develop a new app to combat with Tik Tok app. As you can guess from the name of the Shorts app, this app allows users to share short videos.

Shorts app users can use YouTube songs for their videos. Tik Tok allows users to use specific sounds and songs for their videos. The new app will be released later this year, but YouTube has not yet commented on the report.

To date, Google’s video service has been equipped with several social networking features, such as story which is also available on SnapChat and Instagram. Despite this, YouTube has found that users are more likely to watch short videos than long ones.
The growth of Tik Tok in the last two years has been 125%. The program currently has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The app has been downloaded nearly 842 million times over the past 12 months on the App Store and Google Play, with an annual growth rate of 15 percent. This high popularity has made YouTube difficult to work with. Shorts app have to be so good and Google needs to encourage millions of young users to change their popular social network.

In addition to YouTube, Facebook plans to compete with Tik Tok. This social network has developed the Lasso program and is testing it in countries such as Brazil.

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